Writing “Eyeball To Eyeball”: Building A Successful Collaboration

  • Posted on: 11 November 2010
  • By: admin
Series Edition: 
Vol. 2

Collaborating on a written project can be one of the most beneficial, and challenging, strategies to include in a writing class. While all students have likely worked in groups before, many do not yet know how to mindfully prepare, manage, and negotiate the conflicts that may arise in group work. This chapter offers you reflective, brainstorming, project management, and conflict resolution activities that you can use to support your students from the selection of the group members to the submission of the project. With you as their guide, students can learn the importance of understanding their previous group experiences, establishing collective goals, balancing responsibilities, empowering one another when tensions surface, and agreeing upon a standard of quality—all skills that your students will use within and beyond the classroom.

Ingalls, Rebecca
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